peripatetic precipitates: on nature, healing, and homecoming

A column by Craig Chalquist, PhD

9/10/11 - Speech to the World's First Ecotherapy Certificate Graduates

8/17/10 - Linda and Craig Put Permaculture and Psychology in Dialogue

6/8/10 - Linda and Craig Discuss "The Waking Up Challenge"

4/14/10 - Linda and Craig Discuss No-Till Therapy

3/1/10 - Falling Tower: Avoiding the Inner Descent Externalizes It

1/15/10 - Paradigms of Healing in Conflict

11/25/09 - We Treat the Earth as We Feel About It

11/11/09 - A Veteran's Day Reflection

10/27/09 - Awakening to the End of Daze

10/11/09 - California, Land of the Giants

10/4/09 - Locating Good Places for Ecotherapy Work

See also my Deep California page.



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