Craig Chalquist digs with business communications consultant Marian Woodard and a team of weekend volunteers in "Our Garden," the new community garden behind the Contra Costa Times building in Walnut Creek, CA. Gardening is one of the most effective forms of ecotherapy. (Photo by Dan Rosenstrauch.)




Shepherd Bliss displays a serpentine friend on his arm at a recent solar power fair. An instructor at Sonoma State University, Bliss runs the Kokopeli Farm in Sebastopol and is active in introducing traumatized war veterans to "agrotherapy," or farming as a way of healing, recentering, and reconnecting with the earth. He has contributed to several anthologies, including Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace. (Photo by Jerry Green.)





Behind the Santa Barbara home of Linda and Larry Buzzell-Saltzman grows a small food forest: an edible permaculture garden on less than half an acre. This is also where Linda conducts ecotherapy sessions with her clients, weather permitting. (Photo by Larry Saltzman.)






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