About EcoTherapy Heals

EcotherapyHeals.com was created to help people everywhere improve their minds and bodies naturally while living in harmony with nature.

Take a look inside the different categories on our site.

All About Ecotherapy

In the main ecotherapy category, you will learn more about the practice of Ecotherapy and the basic concepts of healing with nature.

Find new ideas and activities to try with your patients or on your own. Read about the numerous studies that show the benefits ecotherapy has on both our mental and physical health. Learn about different books, jobs, and training programs in the field and unique locations to connect with nature.

ecotherapy training & education collage - person holding leaves, university building, plants in a greenhouse and woman outdoors connecting with nature

Outdoor Ecotherapy Activities

Most of the practice of ecotherapy happens outdoors. So, the outdoor category is naturally the largest. And takes a deeper look into all the other amazing things you can do in nature!

Explore outdoor ecotherapy activities such as forest bathing, wilderness, and adventure therapy. Get healthier outdoors with green exercise. Enrich your life through gardening and horticulture therapy. Build better communities through care farming.

young woman walking through the trees engaging in forest bathing which is a type of ecotherapy

Nature Based Indoor Activities

Can you get the benefits of nature while still indoors? Absolutely! Many of us still spend a large amount of time inside. The indoor category is a great way to explore all the different ways to enjoy the outdoors from inside our homes and offices.

Explore indoor ecotherapy activities such as zen gardens, adding green spaces inside our homes through indoor plants, gardens, and herbs. Creative ways to design the inside space with a view of the outdoor world. Create a portal to the natural world through art therapy, nature imagery, and meditation.

two people cutting branches in an arts and crafts project

Natural Healing

In the natural healing category you will find specific ways to improve your mind and body through the abundant resources of the earth.

Explore the healing power of the natural elements using crystals, herbs, natural supplements, and organic foods.

medicinal herbs and flowers on a wooden table in a mortar and pestle

There are so many different ways to bring nature into our daily lives. We hope EcoTherapyHeals.com will help to inspire you to spend more time in nature and enjoy all the healing powers she has to offer.