The 3 Most Important Earthing Books

What if it was possible to make a few simple lifestyle changes and find relief from several chronic physical and mental conditions? We have reviewed three of the best earthing books so you can learn all about this natural way of healing. Many people suffer from chronic conditions like pain and inflammation, poor sleep, depression, and anxiety. The concept behind earthing, or grounding, is simple, but this practice has helped many find relief from a variety of conditions.

The idea of going barefoot on the Earth or using products that have a similar effect is no longer in the realm of new age or esoteric ideas. It has also received considerable attention from the academic and clinical research community. Studies have found that our body goes through significant measurable changes when we are in connection with the Earth. Some of these effects include changes in cortisol levels, blood pressure, and a quantifiable effect on depression and anxiety.

You do not have to suffer from a chronic condition to enjoy benefits from earthing. Many people find an improved sense of well-being and overall health. If you are not familiar with it, we have three of the most important earthing books for you.

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! (Second Edition) by Clinton Ober

Let’s start with this book. Clinton Ober is known as the father of modern earthing. He conducted the original experiments to test his theory. This book introduces you to the concept of earthing and tells the story of how it was discovered, or more accurately, rediscovered. This book goes beyond a basic primer. After the initial experiment in the early 2000s, Ober kept up to date with the latest research and discoveries on the topic of earthing.

At first, Ober’s idea was not well-received by the medical community. His experience was as a cable installer. He knew that to get a clear signal, you had to place a ground wire in the Earth so that the system and the Earth would exchange ions and reach a steady state. Ober also knew that as soon as the system reached a steady-state, the static would clear up. The theory is if humans ground in the same way that you ground a cable system, that we might be able to stabilize our electrical field and receive benefits. He knew that this principle had worked for him, and he conducted a roughly designed research study that also supported the principle. However, this was not enough to convince his early critics.

This did not stop Ober from pursuing the principle of earthing as a way to help people with many chronic conditions. Eventually, he gained more support, including from cardiologist Stephen Sinatra. The book is clear, and the information is well organized. It includes an almost overwhelming number of testimonials, which might be one of its few shortcomings. It is an excellent place to get started and find out what earthing is all about.

The Earth Prescription: Discover the Healing Power of Nature with Grounding Practices for Every Season by Laura Koniver MD

The Earth Prescription book by Laura Koniver is more about how to practice earthing. In this book, Koniver explains how we all know that we are addicted to our screens and online connections. Now, spending almost all of our days indoors we are disconnected from the Earth. She outlines the detrimental effects of our modern life and how we spend most of our time trapped in our thoughts.

Koniver provides some practical solutions to finding time to reconnect with the Earth in our daily lives. She outlines the restorative powers of the Earth that include lower blood pressure, reduced stress, reduced depression, and increased happiness. She suggests that even five minutes of walking barefoot on the ground can have a significant impact on your sense of well-being over time.

The tone of the book is practical and uplifting. It provides advice on how to incorporate grounding anywhere you go. It outlines ideas for every season and she even has tips for including the kids or your dog. This guide gives you everything you need to understand to put grounding to work in your daily life.

The book does give a thorough explanation of how earthing works without getting as technical as Ober’s book. This is our favorite book that gives you information on how to put earthing into practice in your life.

Getting Grounded: for Health & Healing by Michael Hetherington

This book begins with a thorough explanation of what grounding is and how to conduct a simple energy test to determine if you are grounded or not. This is another book that stresses practical application; only it goes a little more in-depth than the book by Koniver. Koniver explains the physical and mental changes that you should learn to recognize to determine if you are grounded or not. It also gives you practical advice on how to encourage quicker and more effective grounded states.

By recognizing what being grounded feels like, you learn to recognize what it feels like when you are stressed. This book emphasizes body awareness and learning to understand how your body is responding to its environment. Once you know this, you can then take actions to correct the situation. When you are stressed, you can learn to evoke the feeling that you get when you are grounded.

According to the book, being grounded means that you feel physically and emotionally stable, calm, relaxed, content, creative, intuitive, and focused. This is an excellent book to give you a deeper understanding of the practice of grounding. More importantly, what it feels like to be grounded. It is one thing to know what to do, and it is even better when you can learn to understand and become tuned into the effects that it is having on you. Of the earthing books on this list, this one gives you the most in-depth understanding of the practice.

In Summary

When it comes to books on earthing, these are the top three that we would suggest. We recommend that you start with Ober’s book, then move on to Koniver’s book, and lastly, Hetherington’s book. Reading the books in this order gives you a basic understanding, then practical application, and finally, a deeper understanding of how grounding feels and how to use it most effectively. These earthing books provide a well-rounded base of information from which to grow your daily earthing practice, so you can begin to experience the benefits.

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