Where To Go Forest Bathing in Pennsylvania – State Parks, Gardens, and Resorts

Are you looking for places to go forest bathing in Pennsylvania?

In this guide, we will introduce you to top parks, botanical gardens, tours, and more. We’ve chosen a wide variety of experiences. So we are sure you’ll find one that matches your skill level and budget!


Did you know that 58% of Pennsylvania is covered by forest? In total, that comprises 16.9 million acres, making this state a premier destination in the US for forest bathing.

While it can be exciting to think about having so much forest to explore. It may also leave you scratching your head, wondering where to start first. 

To help you find the best destinations for forest bathing in Pennsylvania, we put together this brief guide to introduce you to some great destinations. Choose from national parks and forests, botanical gardens, hotels, and tours.

State Parks, Recreation Areas, and Forests for Forest Bathing in Pennsylvania

The national park system in Pennsylvania is a great place for forest bathers. Here are three of our recommended spots.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area 

Delaware River Water Gap in Pennsylvania

At the eastern edge of the state, you will find the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, which also spans part of New Jersey.

This recreation area is sacred land, and includes 100 miles of hiking trails to explore. After you are done with your meditations among the trees, you can swim at any of the park’s three beaches or grill out. You might even consider pitching a tent and staying the night. 

One nice thing about this park is that there are multiple accessible trails for those who are handicapped. One such spot is the half-mile Dingmans Creek Trail that leads down to the base of beautiful waterfalls. 

Best For:

If you are looking for a convenient location close to the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border for forest bathing, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is the perfect choice.

Ricketts Glen State Park

Ricketts Glen State Park is in the northeast corner of the state, wedged between state game lands on either side. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources describes it as “one of the most scenic areas of Pennsylvania.”

In total, it provides you with 13,193 acres in which to immerse yourself in natural beauty. In the park, you will discover a National Nature Landmark called Glens Natural Area, and you’ll be able to enjoy the cascades along the Falls Trail System. 

As with the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Ricketts Glen State Park offers many other activities you can enjoy besides forest bathing. You can picnic, swim, fish, go out on a boat, hunt, or camp.

Best For: 

If you want to marvel at waterfalls as high as 94 feet, this park is a wonderful destination. 

Alleghany National Forest

The Alleghany National Forest view of the bridge through the trees

The northwest part of Pennsylvania is home to the Alleghany National Forest, covering 517,000 acres, the vast majority of which are forest land. There is no entry fee, and the park is open all year. 

While you are in the area, you will want to stop at Kinzua Bridge State Park to venture out on the famous Kinzua Sky Walk. It lets you see what the treetops look like from 225 feet above the ground. 

Best For:

Those who are located in NW Pennsylvania will love the convenience of this national forest. It is also a great choice to visit if you are interested in the skywalk. 

Bucks County Audubon Society

Looking for a more cultivated forest bathing experience in PA? Consider paying a visit to the Bucks County Audubon Society.

With 110 acres and 6 miles of trails, you will find plenty to explore. You also can check out the organic garden, agricultural fields, and visitor center, which is a renovated barn from 1936.

Best For:

This is a good place to go for forest bathing if you also want to take in some educational experiences. It is roughly halfway between New York City and Philadelphia, making it convenient for many in the region. 

Botanical Gardens for Forest Bathing in Pennsylvania

Bench at the Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens are an easy way to enjoy forest bathing a little closer to home. And Pennsylvania is lucky to have two great spots to choose from.

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

A great option for forest bathing in an urban setting in PA is the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.

There are multiple woodlands located in the gardens, including the Allegheny Plateau Woodland, the Asian Woodland, and the European Woodland. You will also find display gardens and exhibitions. 

Best For: 

If you are located in Pittsburgh, you don’t even have to leave town to be at one with nature at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. 

Morris Arboretum 

At the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, you will find Morris Arboretum. With 92 acres, it is easy to find a secluded spot. But if you prefer, you can go on a guided tour or Wellness Walk.

And do not miss out on Out on a Limb – a Tree Adventure. This unique offering is a walk that brings you all the way up into the canopy! 

Best For: If you are looking for forest bathing right in Philadelphia, you will love the Morris Arboretum.

Hotels that Offer Forest Bathing in Pennsylvania

If you’d prefer a weekend getaway, enjoy a stay at a hotel that offers guided forest bathing tours.

The Lodge at Woodloch 

In the northeast part of the state right near New York is a beautiful resort called the Lodge at Woodloch. This spa resort is a place for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to relax in luxury. 

The Lodge actually offers a community forest bathing experience that lasts two hours. 

Best For:

Those who are looking for a getaway that combines the healing of the forest with relaxation at a spa resort will want to book a stay at this lodge.

Local Guides that Offer Forest Bathing in Pennsylvania

Fall colors in the Poconos mountains of PA

Want a more personalized experience? Why not hire a private guide?

Pocono Forest Bathing

If you are visiting the town of Jim Thorpe in eastern PA, you can book the Pocono Forest Bathing experience hosted by Brian.

Lasting two and a half hours, on the tour, you will “gently move through a series of invitations while relaxing and walking in the forest.”

The experience focuses on mindfulness and helps tour participants connect with their environment in a way that feels meaningful. 

Both walking and sitting are involved. There are periods where participants can just be silent or share with each other. At the end, those on the tour will enjoy tea containing foraged and organic ingredients.

Best For:

This relaxing guided experience is good for beginners. 

Rooted in Sound 

Rooted in Sound is a Pittsburgh alternative wellness center that offers a variety of services. Among them is forest bathing with one of their guides.

The site discusses how Pittsburgh is a city that offers its residents a variety of opportunities to get out and experience the great outdoors. So they encourage visitors to go on an adventure and “embrace biophilia” which represents our innate desire to connect with nature.

Best For:

Those who are looking for a guided “spiritual” experience in Pittsburgh may enjoy what Rooted in Sound has to offer.

Which Is Your Favorite?

Do you prefer the solitude of a self-guided tour of the mountains? Or maybe you prefer to be pampered with a relaxing weekend at a resort?

Now you have some ideas for forest bathing in Pennsylvania. Enjoy these destinations and others that immerse you in the forest splendor of this densely wooded state!

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