How to Find Green Jobs That Focus on Nature, Conservation, and Healing

Green jobs are on the rise. With the growing trend of our society focused on building a greener and more eco-friendly existence, there are many new employment opportunities for nature enthusiasts and conservationists.

However, sometimes it is hard to find these jobs since they are so new. And they might not appear in your job search depending on the job description.

We’ve taken a look across the main job disciplines to highlight some of the new job titles that are appearing in many companies. Use these keywords and titles when searching for a job on popular job boards such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter

You can also explore the new conservation focused sites such as the Green Jobs Network or Green Careers at Career One-Stop. Both have environmental jobs in various sections and even worldwide. 

child holding a miniature world in his hands that represents caring for the earth
Jobs with a focus on protecting the earth are popular with young adults

Land & Nature Stewardship Jobs That Protect The Environment

Help reduce pollution in the environment and promote clean air, water, and habitats for all living creatures. By creating healthy ecosystems throughout our world, we can cultivate healthier soils and strong animal, plant, and fish populations. 

Protect the Habitats of Humans, Plants, and Animals

  • Habitat Restoration Expert
  • Client Scientist
  • Laboratory Testing Scientist
  • Animal Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Population Scientist
creek bed at the base of the mountains surrounded by tress - the most well known green jobs are often used to protect the environment
Keeping our rivers and streams clean promotes a strong healthy ecosystem

Water Conservation, Cleanup, Protection, and Recycling

  • Creek Cleanup and Protection
  • Greywater systems installer
  • Wise-water-use educator
  • “Green” municipal water treatment expert
  • Environmental Lawyers
  • Environmental Economists
  • Composting toilet installer
  • Politician on local water board fighting against unsustainable practices

 Maintaining High-Quality Air Standards

  • Air quality measurement technician
  • Alternative transportation engineer
  • Climate change meteorologist
  • Filter mask manufacturer
  • Healthy home cleaning supplies distributor
  • Natural fiber rug company owner
  • Green building supplies store

Green Jobs in Human Survival: Food Shelter and Clothing

farmers market with red umbrellas and tables of fresh vegetables
Buying groceries from local vendors helps to support small farms and agriculture

There is an upward trend toward a more environmentally friendly and organic way to grow food and produce goods. We are moving away from factory farming and industrial manufacturing practices that harm the land and animals that live on it. 

Promoting Healthy Food, Farming, and Community Gardens

  • Ecological/sustainable farmer
  • Farmers Market executive director
  • Local food distributor
  • Creative nutritionist
  • Local foods chef
  • Permaculture designer
  • Community gardens director
  • Agricultural land trust executive
  • Food Security City employee
  • Environmental horticulture instructor
  • Land rehabilitation specialist

Green Housing, Co-housing, Eco-villages & Tiny Houses

  • Green building contractors, lawyers, and architects
  • Builder focused on repurposing and restoration of existing structures
  • Energy engineers
  • Co-housing facilitator
  • Eco-hotel owner
  • Small house architect
  • Fossil-free landscape designer
  • “Green” interior designer
  • Local mill owner
  • Wood furniture artisan
man and woman discussed wind energy with miniture windmills in a business office - new forms of energy are popular green jobs
Developing green energy solutions will continue to be an indemand field of study

Clothing & Textiles

This category includes operators that manufacture local, non-toxic fabric, clothing, and textiles. Companies should comply with all “fair trade” regulations that put people, the environment, and the planet first. 

  • Eco-friendly clothing designer or manufacturer
  • Artisan weaver
  • Natural Fiber Rug Manufacturer
  • Hemp or bamboo fiber grower
black and white ecofriendly furniture in a childs bedroom
Fair trade certified furniture, rugs and fixtures are a popular choice for the eco-friendly consumer

Jobs in Social Support Systems and Healthcare

Promote strong social connections within the community that focus on green spaces and nature. Integrative and wellness medicine using the best of traditional and modern practices with an emphasis on preventive care and health maintenance.

  • Community Gardens
  • Ecotherapists
  • Pet care worker
  • Horticultural therapist
  • Animal-assisted therapist
  • Natural Healing Centers
  • Integrative physician
  • Herbalist
  • Indigenous shaman
  • Energy worker
  • Acupuncturist
  • Deep tissue massage therapist
  • Alternative nutritionist

Green Jobs in Education That Promote Practical Survival Skills

farmer with a sheep on the farm
Learning valuable skills such as animal husbandry and farming can be taught in small group settings

Create customized learning environments that teach vocational and practical skills. These skills are best taught in low teacher to student classroom sizes.

  • School garden educator
  • Sustainability professor at local college
  • Environmental educator who knows how to facilitate children’s connection with the land where they live
  • Horticultural and animal-care educator
  • “Green” shop teacher and home economics instructor.

Are Your Ready for Your Next Green Job?

These are just some of the areas where you can find employment in our new sustainable economy. But if you are searching for career that is both rewarding and pays the bills, there are plenty of options. The introduction of new green jobs are only increasing in number and will soon outpace the factory jobs of the industrial age. 

Whether you choose a job in alternative health or environmental restoration, you can do your part to help your community. By working together, we can create a healthier way of living in balance with the environment. So, get ready and explore all the exciting new options!

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