Why You Should Watch “The Earthing Movie”

In just one hour and fifteen minutes, “The Earthing Movie” wastes no time explaining the benefits and miracles of grounding. This documentary, which Joshua and Rebecca Tickell directed, follows the amazing recovery stories and medical viewpoints of Dr. Deepak Chopra M.D., Mariel Hemingway, Clint Ober, and others as they use earthing as a source of self-healing

The Earthing Movie follows real-life stories and medical triumphs revolving around grounding. The scientific phenomenon focuses on how our body can decrease inflammation by standing barefoot and connecting to the earth. The idea behind grounding is that we need to balance our bioelectrical system by being barefoot.

When our skin touches the earth, we soak up the much-needed electrons, resetting our system to where it needs to be. By doing this, we are minimalizing inflammation, regulating heart rate, increasing blood flow, lowering blood pressure, reversing chronic pain, and doing many more amazing things for our bodies.

Today we have lost the base connection with the earth. The very thing that ties us together and heals our bodies is often neglected in modern-day treatment. Medicine will treat symptoms, but underlying problems remain. So, what do you do when you have a problem that isn’t getting fixed? You trace it back to its roots.

As humans, we naturally gravitate towards nature. We go out in nature to improve our moods, our stress, and to be inspired. However, recent discoveries have shown that maybe there is more to being outside than we know, and perhaps the solution to our health is connection.


The Earthing Movie provides a deeper look at how grounding may help prevent chronic pain, sleep disorders, and give your immune system a boost. This documentary is definitely worth a watch and a great place to check out what earthing and grounding is all about. EcoTherapy Heals highly recommends.

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